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About Paul

Nine years ago while backpacking around Asia, I caught the bug. Armed with a GoPro and a pole, I started to create short travel videos for my own enjoyment. What started as a hobby quickly became an obsession. I quit my day job, moved out of my flat, sold my car, slept on friends sofas, all so I could pursue a career as a filmmaker.

Left to my own devices, I quickly developed my own style of cinematic contemporary filmmaking, influenced by the expansive documentary viewing of my teens.

Seven years on, and based in London. I have now made films used commercially all over the world. From the rooftops of Panama, to the South African Bush. The top of Machu Pichhu to the walls of Dubrovnik. The brands I work with are often luxurious, and my work must reflect that.

Call me a filmmaker, a videographer, an editor, a storyteller or just your video guy. I'm here to tell your story. Where it begins is up to you.


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