Micro-documentaries: storytelling, re-imagined

Ushering in a new age of content creation, micro documentaries can tell a story in a much different way. Very short, direct stories cater for a shorter digital attention span. Stylistically, documentaries are very genuine and inclusive for a more niche, diverse, and targeted audience. This style of filmmaking ticks all of my boxes, it is a pleasure to work on these commissions.

SCIEX - Generation Quant

A five-part micro documentary series following the history, and looking forward at the technological advancements in mass spectrometry by the industry leader - SCIEX. It all started 30 years ago, when SCIEX cracked the liquid-phase/gas-phase dilemma and sparked a generation of innovation in LC-MS/MS quantitative analysis. Detecting something is not enough. Only a quantitative answer reveals its importance. The evolution of these innovations, and scientists using them to impact our world, is what defines Generation Quant. It is the foundation for a new era of discovery.


Jacada Travel

The Flagship
South Africa

Chef Duncan Doherty reveals all about the Flagship's legendary five-course seafood chef's table lunch in this colourful interview.

Micro-documentary commissioned by Jacada Travel for the Jacada Film: South Africa series.

Old Oak Park

The Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) is developing a whole new centre and community for west London.

Micro-documentary series commissioned by the Mayor of London, in association with Big Rock and Pebble Studios.