(Video) London - Leica Summilux-R 50mm f1.4

A little test shoot in London for the Leica Summilux E55 50mm f/1.4 modded with a Leitax adapter to a Canon 5D3. Shot Magic Lantern RAW, graded in Davinci Resolve / Film Convert Shot at 2.35:1, 37 frames per second (gets you about 9 seconds of RAW without stretching), conformed to 23.976.

Leica R mount lenses are renown budget cine lenses (I say budget, the 50mm is probably one of the cheaper 1.4's and is around £700 used).  I love the perceivable three dimensional quality to the image, fantastic contrast, and the rather unique bokeh.

At f1.4 I've noticed a substantial lack of sharpness in the corners, however f2 onward is simply fantastic.