(Video) Antarctica - Experts and Osmo's

Exploring Antarctica with Ciara Owens
All footage captured by Ciara Owens using the DJI Osmo.
Edited by Paul Beauchamp

My job as a travel filmmaker means I get to film and edit video from some of the world most luxurious destinations.

However, one man can only do so much. And since my one of my clients regularly send their own experts on FAM (familiarisation) trips - there are more opportunities to capture awesome video for promoting these wonderful travel destinations.

Previously, we sent the experts out with GoPro's, and typically 90% of the footage was unusable due to the lack of stabilisation. 

The DJI Osmo is a real game changer for someone who wants to put a camera in the hands of a less experienced film maker. Ciara only had a hasty 10 minutes training on the Osmo, yet the footage she returned with is nothing short of stunning. She does however, have a keen eye for a good frame.

The OSMO has certainly found it's place for destination video capture.

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